Answering a few questions.

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What are digital approaches to fine art?
Some approaches are programs like Photoshop or Illustrator that allow you to create some picture, theme, or idea where there previously wasn’t one. If we’re going really basic, digital approaches to fine arts can even simply mean using a digital camera to take pictures as opposed to using film and developing them in the darkroom. Digital to me means any technological approach to making something artistic, however you may define that word. If it involves pixels that means it’s a digital approach to fine art. Some people also consider music a fine art, so even using programs to create your own music could be a digital approach.

What can digital approaches to fine art BE?
They an be anything you want them to be. With the power and technology of these digital devices or programs, you can take the simplest idea or image and make it into something greater just by applying what you know. With digital approaches, you can literally make something out of nothing.

What does it mean to use a digital approach?
To use a digital approach is to rid yourself of limits and boundaries. The only thing holding you back when you use a digital approach is how much you know how to do, and there are plenty of classes and tutorials to teach you those things. To use a digital approach means using any way shape or form of digital technology to create art.

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